Writing Blog Posts That Ignite Viral Content Marketing

Writing Blog Posts That Ignite Viral Content Marketing

Viral Content MarketingYou should be writing blog posts that ignite viral content marketing in order to run a successful and influential blog.

That’s because blogging is pretty pointless without some truly effective content marketing strategies working in the background.

I have suggested that you learn to write the perfect blog post.

But, really, no matter how perfect it is, you won’t be getting a lot of people to read it unless you stick it right under their noses and say “Hey, this is really something that will benefit you.”

Viral Blog Content

You have to focus, first, on writing content that is capable of going viral.

This involves a few key components.

Tap into emotions that command viral attention

One “secret” to make viral content is to do a few high-emotion twists and tweaks so it will “get contagious” on social media.

The idea behind using key emotions is to make people feel that they will truly benefit by reading your article.

Disrupt complacency

Construct your viral content marketing to convey this message to your audience… “Hey, this is really something that will benefit you in this exact way.”

You see, people don’t really want to read your blog post.

No matter if how perfect it is.

Unless your reader is your old Creative Writing teacher from grammar school, just checking up to see if you ever learned anything, hehe.

Seriously, though, the only reason anybody wants to read your latest blog post is to gain some benefit.

This is what I call disrupting their complacency.

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If they don’t expect to reap a concrete benefit from your blog post, they probably aren’t going to check it out.

Why would they?

To get information they can probably get from a thousand other articles?

Because they want your unique perspective on the same old issue?

Or, simply because you’re so entertaining and clever?


But probably not.

You must offer benefits to ignite viral content marketing of your blog posts

People want to know how they will benefit by spending the next 5, 10 or 20 minutes reading your blog post.

If they’re not feeling the benefits, they’ll probably find a better way to spend their precious time.


what can you do to make sure all your hard work at the blogging grindstone will pay off for you?

I know you know the answer 🙂

Stick it under the noses of people who are waiting, salivating, begging for the benefits that your blog post promises them.

Content Marketing

So here’s the deal with the waiting, salivating and begging.

People want to read your blog post.

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They really do.


It promises them clear benefits by reading it.

The problem is…

Who are these people?

Where are they?

Why don’t you know them, or know about them?

What is it that they’re waiting, salivating and begging for?


This is the essence of how to create viral content.

That means that it’s really important, so let’s hover over the key points.

Who are these people you are creating viral content for?

These are the people who are keenly interested in your niche topic.

If your topic is “arthritis” – you’ll be writing to a very broad, maybe casual audience.

Narrow that down to “arthritis remedies” – you’ll find a smaller, but more engaged audience.

Whittle it down to “exercises to alleviate arthritis” – an even smaller and more eager crowd awaits.

If you write an article on “7 three-minute exercises you can do inside your work cubicle to make arthritis pain just a bad memory” – now you’re getting folks to really perk up.

This is something many arthritis sufferers have been waiting for.

They’re salivating at the thought of reading about these 7 exercises.

I don’t actually know if they’ll beg you for the link to your post, but pretty darn close to it, I’d say.

Where are they… where is the viral buzz?

These people suffer from arthritis.

Get to work… find out where they hang out.

Certainly there are blogs they read regularly, Facebook or LinkedIn groups that attract them, forums they frequent and so forth.

Find them.

That’s part of your market research.

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Do it.

Don’t think you’re too busy to do it because, honestly, it’s like saying you’re too busy to be successful.

Locating the viral buzz swirling around your niche and topics… that is the key to your success as a blogger… and certainly your key to creating viral content.

Why don’t you know them, or know about them?

Interesting question, eh?

Probably because you never thought about how important marketing was to your blog.

Even more… you never thought about how to create viral content.

You thought you just needed interesting articles with pretty graphics and the crowds would bust down the doors.


What exactly are they waiting, salivating and begging for?

Solutions to their problems.

Ways to overcome their challenges.

A better life.

Give them that, and you’re on the right path to make viral content and viral blog posts.

Here’s a handy checklist to make content go viral…

Make Content Go Viral

Click to read the full article: 10 Things That Make Content Go Viral

Be honest with yourself, now.

If your article isn’t solving the big problems that your tiny niche faces, it’s not going to go viral.

Not sure?

So, go back and do a rewrite.

It’s about staying real, working and then re-working, staying focused and on course.


Again… another rewrite.

OK, rip it off the typewriter (haha), crumble it up and toss it in the garbage.

What a nostalgic image… now, that’s a real writer 🙂

Image from Pixabay

Viral Content Marketing

Let’s assume

  1. you’ve written a great blog post, and
  2. you know your most rabid audience hangs out on Facebook Group “A.”

To get some viral juice heading your way, you’ll want to share that article with the Group “A” crowd.

But, then, go a step further.

Share it with folks on other group locations that you’ve identified as likely hotspots.

The best way to do that is to put your blog post into various content forms.

Make an infographic to illustrate your big ideas (or hire someone to do it)

Share that with some of the top bloggers in your niche.

Here’s a cool infographic that Neil Patel uses to illustrate how to create viral content…

Create Viral Content

Graphic from… How To Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

I’ll say no more because, hey, a picture’s worth a thousand words, yup.

Create Viral Content

So how do we get all the great content we created to actually go viral?

Well, many things you can do, of course.

It’s always the way, isn’t it?

Here’s a couple just to get you off the ground on this.

Do a video discussing some of  your main points

Transpose your content on Youtube and other video sharing sites.

This can be as simple as reading your article while shooting video of a still image.

Easy, eh?

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And no face-to-camera, even, for those of you shy bloggers 🙂

Piggy Back with Influencers

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk a lot about how to use influencer marketing to activate some really high-octane viral content marketing.

It’s one of the best methods you can use, really.

So start connecting with some influencers who can help your content go viral.

Do a guest post for some top bloggers in your niche

Link your guest articles on top influencer sites to your Big Idea article if you can.

That’ll surely juice things up.

Do a joint venture

Ask other bloggers in your niche to send an email out linking to your article.

You agree to reciprocate by sending emails to your list linking to their top article.

I could go on, and you can probably come up with some great ideas of your own, here.

The strategies change over time.

What works great today may be old and obsolete tomorrow.

What’s important, is to keep exploring ways that work for you to get your articles in front of the people who will benefit most by reading it.

Then, do it.

Viral Blog Content: Bonus Tip

Here’s a great bonus tip to help you make your blog post go viral.

I’m going to let my friend Harsh over at Shout Me Loud introduce you to a juicy-sweet and free platform for your next blog promotion campaign.

It’s called Viral Content Buzz.

Viral Content Buzz

Ready-Set-Go… Start writing blog posts that ignite viral content marketing

After all is said and done, accept the fact that not every article will become a viral blog post.

That’s not your goal.

You just want some of your best ones to go viral so that people can

  • find you on your blog site,
  • like your content, and
  • become loyal, trusting fans and followers.

And I should add this…

Don’t get caught in the trap of trying to invent some new, earth-shaking idea that nobody has ever thought of.

The truth is, going viral is about the best ideas, not new ones.

The key to writing viral blog posts that people really want to read is this…

Always write blog posts that will improve the lives of your readers.

Whether you’re giving them great techniques for managing their arthritis pain, or teaching them how to learn to play the guitar, if doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you know what their problem is, and you dedicate yourself to helping them solve it.

Insofar as you succeed in that lofty mission, you are helping them to have a better life.

They can manage their arthritis pain better.

They can finally learn to play the guitar.

Whatever improves their lives, that’s what you need to deliver.

Combine that with a great content marketing strategy and now…

Now you’ve got the secret key to writing blog posts that ignite viral content marketing.

Want to see how some other bloggers made their blog posts go viral?

Go Viral

Take a moment to read this fascinating Smart Blogger article by Brittany Bullen detailing how some bloggers have made their posts go viral.

Top Tier Coaching Program

Writing Blog Posts That Ignite Viral Content Marketing

So what do you think?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

What kind of viral content marketing do you do?

What new strategies are you thinking of to ignite viral content marketing for your blog posts?

And, hey, let’s make this one go viral by sharing it on your social sites 🙂

See how easy this is, hehe.


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