Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money Online

Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money Online

Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money OnlineThere are ways you can Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money Online.

Notice that I’m not talking about how to “make money blogging,” but rather how to “use your blogging skills to make money online.”

There’s a big distinction, and it’s one that people get tripped up on all the time.

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When people think about ways to “make money blogging,” they usually think of selling ads on their blog, or writing sponsored posts where somebody will pay them to post an article on their blog that in some way links back to their business.

I’m not going to talk about those things, though, because in my experience as a blogger and as a blogging coach, I have not found them to be terribly reliable ways to build revenue.

Instead, I’m going to give you some thoughts on how to use your blogging skills to make money online.

The Blogging Skills Model

I recently interviewed Cori Ramos about ways that she helps people find “blogger jobs” online work at home opportunities.

You can learn more about the kinds of “blogger jobs” Cori catalogs from updates like these at Cori’s Blog.

I wanted to share my interview with Cori because it nicely illustrates how you can use the skills you build as a blogger, to find online work.

Developing Skill Sets

Think of the skill sets that you might develop as a blogger.

  • Writing
  • Customer Relations
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Graphics
  • Website Design
  • List Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Advertising

You Learn A Lot When You Run Your Own Blog

Now, I’m not going to discuss each one of these particular skill sets.

I’m not even suggesting that they are the only ones you develop as a blogger.

I just want to bring your attention to the fact that you learn to do a lot of things when you run your own blog for a while.

When I First Started Blogging…

I remember when I first started blogging, I knew how to send an email and talk to friends on Facebook.


It did not take me long to start developing some of the skills that I’ve listed above.

I Do Things Every Day That I Never Imagined I Could Do

It happened so fast, I remember after blogging for about 6 months thinking how I was doing things every day that I never even imagined I could do.

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Blogging Opens Many Doors

Blogging opened the door to me, showing me so many things I could do.

When you blog, you usually start to get especially good at doing things you like.

For me, it meant building a list of followers and connecting with them on my various email lists.

That lead me naturally to starting to build information courses, coaching programs and a membership site where I could work with them even more closely.

Open Any Door You Want

You see, when you blog, you open the doors those places you most like to go.

But that’s just me.

I’ve always worked directly with people in a consulting capacity.

I did it offline for years before becoming a blogger.

So, naturally, I learned how to do this even better as a blogger.

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What Doors Would You Open?

For  you, it might mean developing special skills in video production or copy writing or graphic design.

You see, we all start blogging for one reason or another, but almost always, it leads us back to doing what we like best.

Because we like it, we spend more time on it and sharpen our skills even further.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

The skills we develop and sharpen as bloggers, are very marketable.

Look at all the opportunities that Cori uncovers for you on her blog.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money Online

Many companies offer work at home, especially internet based jobs.

The skills you learn and foster as a blogger can make you a great fit for many such jobs.

Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money Online

Can you think of ways that you can use your blogging skills to make money online?

I’d like to hear some of them in the comments below.

While you’re at it, share this article with other people who can use this information, too.

Thanks a bunch 😃


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