Time To Revitalise With The 30 Day Energy Boost Programme By Nutri Advanced

Time To Revitalise With The 30 Day Energy Boost Programme By Nutri Advanced

For me, this time of year signals the winter blues.

The lack of sunlight and the cold bring lethargy and low moods.

So it was fortuitous that I recently signed up to the 30 Day Energy Boost Programme from Nutri Advanced.

They kindly sent me a free box full of products to help me boost my energy levels.

And I’m going to report back on how things are going half way through and at the end of the 30 day programme.

Current Energy Levels

The last few weeks I’ve been training hard but I’ve felt like I had no energy.

Then when my kids bring illnesses home from school it hits me for six.

I’ve had a cold now for a week and it’s getting boring.

Just as I think I’m feeling better it goes around in circles again.

Since I started running a couple of years ago, I’ve lost over four stone in weight.

But I’m not always the best at eating healthily and am quite partial to crisps.

The 30 Day Energy Boost Programme provides lots of healthy recipes for me to help in putting that right.

I’ve always been plagued by a lack of energy and had tests done a few years to find out why.

They all came back negative so I suspect it’s both diet and sleep that could do with sorting out.

The 30 Day Energy Boost Programme By Nutri Advanced

30 Day Energy Boost Programme from Nutri Advanced

The pack for the programme consists of:

  • Mini Energy Boost 5 Essential Principles
  • Megamag® Energen Plus Orange & Raspberry Flavour
  • Megamag® Energen Plus Information & Dosage Schedule
  • Health Symptoms questionnaire
  • Energy food list & 3 sample days
  • Food diary
  • Daily checklist
  • Energy-boosting recipes
  • FAQs

Tomorrow I’m going to fill out the questionnaire to get started.

Having a cold and cough has held me back a couple of days but I’m keen to get started.

Then I need to start the food diary and record what I eat every day.

This is a new thing to me as I already do this with MyFitnessPal.

I wonder if it will make me more aware of my food intake by writing it down as well?

I’ll also need to complete the daily checklist to track progress.

It will be interesting to see how the Megamag® Energen Plus makes me feel over the coming days.

Homemade Peanut Butter Granola

Granola Ingredients

Nutri Advanced gave me the ingredients to start me off with improving my diet.

They’ve given me everything I need to make homemade peanut butter granola.

It has ingredients that should provide lots of slowly released energy throughout the day.

I must admit I’m not normally a fan of things that contain anything with the word porridge or oats in them.

But if it’s going to make me have more energy then sobeit.

My wife decided she wanted to get some baking done yesterday so she made the granola for me too.

Homemade Peanut Butter Granola

I’ve already had a taste and I was pleasantly surprised.

The honey really gives it a sweet taste and the overall result is very nice.

I’ll be having some as a treat after lunch or maybe as a snack during the day.

How Are Your Energy Levels At This Time Of Year?

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Nutri Advanced 30 Day Energy Boost Programme will improve my fatigue levels.

Do you suffer from the winter blues or from lethargy in general?

How do you find your energy levels are affected at this time of year?



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