SPI 296: What’s Coming in 2018 for the Podcast and SPI

SPI 296: What’s Coming in 2018 for the Podcast and SPI

We are closing in hot on the end of the year here on SPI. Next week I’ll be recapping the year in full (the good and the bad) but today I want to give a little sneak preview of what’s coming up in 2018 for SPI. It’s going to be a very exciting year, and I can’t wait to share my plans with you!

First off: the theme for 2018 is Higher Value. That doesn’t mean tons more content—a lot of us think that in order to do something better we have to do more of that thing, but actually the opposite is true. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes scaling back can have a positive impact on the quality of the content that you are publishing.

What I’m talking about today is not necessarily what you should do personally. It’s a preview of what to look forward to, to give you an idea of why I’m doing the things I’m doing, and to tell you why I’m making the adjustments I’m making so that you can utilize those lessons in your own business and life. Next year is going to be incredibly exciting—it will be a very different year to be sure, but it already has me pumped up and raring to go. I’m really looking forward to sharing my 2018 plan with you today—enjoy!

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You’ll Learn

  • Why my theme for 2018 is Higher Value.
  • What’s happening with AskPat, my podcast, after Episode 1000.
  • How I’m changing my blog content in 2018.
  • How I’m integrating more video into my 2018 content.
  • Why I’m diving headfirst into the YouTube space in 2018.
  • The different shows I’m going to be releasing on my YouTube channel in 2018.
  • My plan for more workshops in 2018.
  • What the SPI Accelerator Program is.
  • Why I’m hiring a Marketing Director.
  • Why I’m creating pins to bring my community together, and how you can win one.
  • Why I’ll be doing more webinars in 2018.
  • How you can join the audience for my biggest ever presentation, and more!




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