Santa Doesn’t Pay

Santa Doesn’t Pay

It’s only September but my kids are already looking forward to Christmas.

My daughter has an Amazon wishlist longer than both her arms.

And my son’s also setting out his stall for the festive period and his birthday a few weeks later.

As far as I can tell, they both still believe in Santa Claus, although I’m sure my son has his doubts.

I overheard them having a conversation the other day about their Christmas present wishes.

My son was giving my daughter some essential advice.

Essential Advice For Christmas

Within reason we try to give the kids something they’ve asked for.

I save up over the year using YNAB as my guide so we have enough cash available when we need it.

This year my son has decided he wants a laptop so he can do some of his school project work on it.

I was hoping we’d get away with a much cheaper present this year seeing as he got a Playstation last year.

But as my son explained to my daughter, you can ask for what you want because Santa doesn’t pay for it.

And neither do mum and dad.

So he told her she should also ask for a laptop.


Santa makes all the toys so Mum and Dad don’t have to buy them. – My son

Keeping Things In Perspective

I’m hoping by the time it gets closer to Christmas that my son will have changed his mind and want something else.

My daughter changes her mind every five minutes so I know she won’t end up wanting a laptop.

I remember when I got my first computer, I wasn’t much older than my son.

It was a ZX Spectrum 16K.

I wanted the 48K version but it was quite a bit more expensive.

I suspect we’ll be in the same position if it comes to us buying a laptop.

I know my son’s expecting to be able to play games on the thing but I fear he’ll be sadly mistaken.

Gaming laptops really don’t come cheap.

Although I think he’ll be looking more towards playing Minecraft so a much less powerful machine would be fine.

Bursting The Bubble

I’m not ready to burst the bubble that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

I’ll have to come up with a decent excuse as to why a laptop isn’t the way to go.

Or I’ll just have to stump up the cash and get a suitable machine that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I’m not too hopeful on that.

The cheapest laptop I’ve seen with a respectable graphics card (not integrated graphics) is over £500.

That’s not a price to be sniffed at though when it comes to Christmas presents!

I might be able to pick something up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

That’s my aim in any case.

Do Your Kids Think That Santa Doesn’t Pay Too?

It’s an interesting concept that nobody pays for Christmas presents.

Do your kids believe in Santa Claus and who do they think pays for all their Christmas presents?

Have you bought any gadgets for your kids such as a laptop or a tablet?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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