It’s Time For Some New Running Shoes

It’s Time For Some New Running Shoes

A few days ago, I bought some new running shoes.

I’d run over 1,000 miles in my old ones so I thought it was time to splash out on a new pair.

Supposedly you should change them every 300 to 500 miles to avoid injury.

And I’m sure that’s the right thing to do but it also seems like a bit of a money racket.

If your running shoes have still got some get up and go in them, I reckon you can use your discretion.

Although saying that, my old pair look fine but the insole in the left shoe keeps moving backwards.

It leaves an awkward gap under my toes which is uncomfortable when running.

Another reason to get some new ones!

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 Running Shoes

I decided to go for the Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 running shoes.

I’ve only had them on walking around the house from the moment.

But I’m going for a longer run this afternoon to test them out.

I like the idea that the Speedform construction moulds to your foot and that the heel unit gives added support.

Another thing that drew me to them is that there’s no insole.

The embedded sockliner is seamless so I shouldn’t have the same issue that I did with my previous running shoes.

And finally, I wanted a shoe that would give me a bit more comfort when running.

I paid more than I normally would for running shoes but if I’m going to do more races in the coming months, it makes sense to get something decent.

First Impressions Of The New Running Shoes

First impressions are good.

I like the design and they feel comfortable from the small amount of walking I’ve done in them.

They feel like they fit well around my foot and aren’t too wide so there’s not much movement inside the shoes.

TrainAsONE has me doing a run of 9.6 miles today so that should give me a better idea of how they’re going to fare in the field.

And they should be broken in by the time I get to run my first race on 24 September.

I like that my foot is well cushioned from any stray pebbles and stones I might not see when out running.

That should help prevent another injury to the sole of my foot.

Get Yourself A Discount

I managed to get myself a 15% discount on the Under Armour running shoes.

You can connect your preferred fitness app to Running Heroes and you earn points for any exercise you do.

You can spend those points on various exclusive offers including money off through online stores like Under Armour, Adidas, Nike and Asics.

Going direct and getting the 15% discount was the cheapest way I could find to buy the running shoes I wanted.

Running Heroes also does various challenges you can sign up for.

These are usually based on running various distances in return for the chance to win race entries or sports gear.

How Often Do You Buy New Footwear?

Do you wait until your shoes or trainers are on their last legs before you buy new ones?

Or do you give them a shelf life of so many miles or months before you invest in new ones?

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