I Hope My Kids Never Get Tattoos

I Hope My Kids Never Get Tattoos

I’m really not keen on tattoos.

I find them unsightly and unattractive.

I associate them more with people who live on the darker side of life.

And as much as possible I’d like to keep my kids on the straight and narrow as they get older.

Self Expression

I’m aware that for many people tattoos are a form of self expression.

I would prefer that my kids could find other ways to fulfil their creative urges though.

It’s so final to get ink injected into your skin and what happens if they change their mind or if things go wrong.

That would be a very costly mistake and even more unsightly if they had to get them removed.

I can at least hope to stop them getting inked up until they’re 18.

They’re not known for being risk takers in their short lives so far and I’m sure that will continue.

Self-expression is always a right, but it’s still not there to be abused. – Isaac Hayes

Future Prospects

An additional worry I have when it comes to tattoos is it could harm their future prospects for getting a decent job.

Many employers frown upon visible ones and even those that can be seen under clothing.

I know attitudes are changing but in the majority of professions, I’m sure this would still be the case.

Why set yourself up for a fall just as you’re becoming an adult and setting off into the big bad world?

And even a tattoo that’s covered up would concern me.

Temptation to keep covering the body with even more might lead to a huge undesirable mess on the body.

Impacts On Health

You’ve got to consider that anything to do with needles penetrating skin runs a risk to your health.

I’m sure most tattooists are trustworthy but you can never be too careful.

Dirty needles can spread some very nasty diseases.

I hope that my kids never expose themselves to that kind of risk.

Some people can also be allergic to the pigment used to make a tattoo.

There’s no way of knowing whether you’re allergic or not before you have it.

And it can take some time for the reaction to develop by which time the tattoo will be uncomfortable and sore.

And it may end up needing to be removed anyway.


Exposure To Tattoos

Both of my kids are aware of tattoos on other people.

My son has asked about them when he’s seen them on people’s skin.

He can obviously sense my disdain for them and I actively discourage him from ever getting a tattoo.

I don’t think he’s the type that would but he’s still young so his own life influences and experiences might come into play one day.

My daughter hasn’t asked about them particularly but she is interested in them.

A man came to deal with a wasps nest in our attic a couple of weeks ago.

When she spotted tattoos on his arms, my daughter was intrigued and remarked on them.

He seemed a bit embarrassed that he had them and said it’s best not to get any!

My daughter is only seven but went on to tell him that they aren’t good because they can make your skin fall off.

Where did that come from?

How Do You Feel About Tattoos?

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you regret getting them?

Would you be happy for your kids to get a tattoo when they’re old enough?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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