How To Execute Content Marketing With Staying Power!

How To Execute Content Marketing With Staying Power!

Are you creating valuable content, sharing it out to social media, and getting traffic back to your website for more than a week?

One of the biggest challenges I hear on a regular basis from businesses is that their content doesn’t have any staying power. In fact, most traffic drops off after just a few days and over 80% of the traffic is a first time visitor according to the analytics.

During that few days, there may be a surge in traffic and leads, but if you stop creating content the marketing and sales funnels start to dry up quickly and the process has to start all over again.

For many, it’ exhausting coming up with content on a daily, or even weekly, basis in order to keep the sales funnel full and new customers or clients buying.



Lucy Almost Threw in the Towel on Content Marketing


Lucy owns a local business and she said to me;


“Don, I’m so frustrated by the results that I’m throwing in the towel on content marketing. It doesn’t work the way it was promised.”




When I asked her to elaborate, it was clear that she had done some research on content marketing but it was equally clear after looking at her blog, landing pages, video and social posts that she had fallen into the unintentional trap that so many fall prey too.

She was creating content that was meant to be consumed for the short term.

It wasn’t the kind of content that leads towards building momentum by bringing value to the content consumer, i.e. her website visitors and social followers (more on what “value” is below).

For content marketing to be effective there has to be an equal or greater emphasis placed on a long-term content strategy that is relevant and valuable.


Defining Content Marketing – Creating Content That Lasts and Fills Your Sales Funnels


Years ago, a mentor shared with me an interesting working definition of a customer and where profits are really found.

He said,


“Don, when someone makes a single purchase from you, you don’t have a customer. You just have someone who bought from you. But, when they make a second purchase, you now have a customer. Every purchase beyond is a loyal customer.

Your profits are not found in the first sale either. You’re recouping the cost of acquiring that customer in the first sale. Your profits are found in the repeat sales.”


How is This Relevant to Content Marketing?


If you’re creating content that is only lasting a few days and is predominantly attracting new visitors to your website, you’re not creating any loyal followers.  You’re just driving one-time visitors to your website.

As the story illustrates, you can make money short-term. However, it’s the long-term content that generates loyal followers who fill your sales funnel.

Loyal followers who regularly consume your content have bought into you, consume each piece of content you produce, share it with their audience, and most importantly buy what you have to sell.

If you rely exclusively on creating promotions, discounts, or advertising (i.e. pay-per-click, banner ads, etc) you’re going to struggle. These are short-term strategies. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to someone who may become a loyal customer, but the long-term strategies are just as important if not more so in my opinion because that’s where you will likely find the profits.


Content Marketing Defined


It’s here where we need to define content marketing:


“Content marketing is an online marketing strategy that focuses on providing valuable content to current and potential clients and customers.”


If your content isn’t valuable, it isn’t going to have any staying power.

What is the difference between content that has no staying power and content that does?



What Does “Value” Mean?


The word “value” is a great, but overused term. There are so many different definitions.

Let me offer a succinct and clear definition of value:


“Value is solving one problem, meeting one need, or fulfilling one desire, for one person; in one piece of content.”


Value is not about selling.

Value is not from your perspective.

Value is from the viewpoint of your website visitor or consumer of your content wherever it may be.

Unfortunately, many businesses unintentionally fall into the trap of believing that the content consumer shares their perspective with their prospects and customers, when in fact, they do not.


The goal of content marketing is to align your message with the needs of your audience.



The goal of content marketing is to create such valuable content that your website visitors take notice and say to themselves:


“OMG, how did they know…?”


How did they know that’s what I’m going through?

How did they know that was my experience?

How did they know that’s what I’ve been wanting?
… It’s like they can read my mind and know what I’m feeling!


That’s the kind of content that has staying power.

That’s the kind of content that turns mediocre content into powerful content.

That’s the kind of content that earns social shares.

Most importantly, that’s the kind of content that creates loyal followers who turn into amazing customers who buy over and over again.


Are You Sharing Lucy’s Experience?


You may be experiencing what Lucy did…

You create good content, share it out to social media, and you get some traffic back to your site.

You may pick up a prospect here and there and possibly even a sale.

But it doesn’t last and before you know it, it’s back to the exhaustive process of doing it all over again, while your spending more money than you’re bringing in.

The problem is that you haven’t identified the key message that delivers value (i.e. solving one problem, meeting one need, or fulfilling one desire, for one person; in one piece of content).

If you want your content to provide you with the rewards, you have to lay the foundation, and that foundation is learning what your customers are thinking and feeling.


Your customers only tell you 20% of what they want you to know. But in order to be successful, you have to learn the 80% they are not sharing with you.


If you take the time to discover what’s in that 80% of what they are not sharing, you can get that “OMG, how did they know…?” moment and give them the reason to become loyal followers of your content and enter into your sales funnel.

Want to learn more how to do that?

Learn about my unique Marketing Bootcamp and the 5 Questions that will help you learn how to create inspiring and relevant long-term content that solves one problem, meets one need or fulfills one desire, for one person and creates the kind of loyalty that builds your sales funnels.



Do you have a thought, idea or question? Please, share below in the comments and let’s discuss it!

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