How To Be A Genuine Blogger Who People Love

How To Be A Genuine Blogger Who People Love

How To Be A Genuine Blogger Who People LoveBloggers want to be loved.

Yes, really.

They want to be regarded as the best in their field.

Not only the best, though, but the most reliable and trustworthy.

And they want their readers to really enjoy the time they spend on their blogs.

Now, I’m sure you want all those things, too.

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That’s why it’s important to know how to be a genuine blogger who people love.

Sure, you need to build relationships with folks.

But if you really dig deep into what you’re looking for as a blogger, I think you’d have to agree.

Most of all, you just want people to love you.

A Blogger Who People Love

Yes, you want them to love you for the person, leader and blogger that you are.

But, they will love you especially because you are genuine and caring in all your interactions with them.

You see, people won’t love you just because you give them great information.

They won’t love you because

  • you deliver the latest news in your niche, or
  • you’re a clever writer, or
  • because you have a really great blog design.

Take It From Me

Now, here’s the thing.

I’ve been dealing with people who want to be loved for a long time.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have spent many years in private practice as an intuitive consultant.

That means I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people about the things that were most important to them.

I’d usually begin each session asking my client “what would you like to talk about today.”

Understand, that before their appointment time, they usually had days to think about this.

In fact, they typically would call to schedule an appointment with me because they had a pressing concern.

So, I was thinking about this recently.

Now that I spend so much time mentoring bloggers and online business people, I hear the same kind of things I did as an intuitive consultant.

It’s different, but really, it’s the same.

Ultimately, it gets down to people wanting to be

  • accepted,
  • appreciated,
  • understood, and at the top of the list…
  • loved.

It’s always about being loved.

Regardless of who I was talking to.

I had clients who were practicing psychotherapists, business owners, CEO’s, real estate investors, law enforcement agents, medical doctors, teachers, police officers.

One of my regular clients was a psychiatrist who was the Director of a gold standard psychiatric hospital.

Several were high-profile actors and performers.

Our sessions were always so interesting about so many different things, as you can imagine.

Being Someone Who People Love

But almost always, the focus got back to one thing.


Everybody wants to know about their love life.

And, yes, everybody wants to be loved.

I remember once when I worked with a leading forensic psychiatrist.

He was heading a team trying to solve a famous murder case, and he wanted me to help him tie up some loose ends.

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An associate accompanied him, just to take notes and to record the session.

It was a fascinating exchange, even if it was more than a bit creepy.

Just as I thought things were winding down, the forensics psychiatrist asked his associate to leave the room.

He said that he wanted to talk to me about a few “personal things.”

Well, guess what it was.

He wanted to know some things about his love life, of course.

Everyone strives to be someone who people love.

How To Be A Genuine Blogger Who People Love

So now, as I’m working and consulting with bloggers and entrepreneurs, I’m finding a very similar situation.

Not that they want to know about their “love lives” per se.

After all, I’m not doing personal intuitive consultations with them.

I’m mentoring them to improve their business.

But ultimately, they are still concerned about wanting to be loved… not in a personal relationship, but by their audience.

You see, the most powerful ingredient in a successful business is developing a loyal following.

That doesn’t happen when people just like the information you’re sharing.

It doesn’t happen because they think you are an “authority” or “thought leader.”

It happens because they “love” you.

They love your energy, your enthusiasm… they love something about you.

Blogger, Love Thyself

So what makes your readers, followers, email subscribers… what makes your audience actually love you?

The first thing you have to know about being loved is that people will only love you if you love yourself.

So as a blogger, the first thing to do is work daily on self love.

Practice being happy… just being you.

It may be a fake “happy” at first.

But over time, you will be able to be truly happy because “you are who you are.”

When you reach this point, you will feel begin to live your life through a deep sense of self-love.

And everyone will know it.

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It’s like a burning flame that will consume you.

It will shine so brightly that everyone will see it.

Then they will be immediately and instinctively attracted to you.

Attraction is not a mental process.

It’s an instinctive response.

If You Pretend, It Surely Will End

Now, this is pretty much the same advice that I used to give people who wanted to find romantic love in their lives.

They would usually tell me things like

  • “maybe I should redo my hair” or
  • “I think I should change this or that about myself” or
  • “if I start reading more, I think I’ll be more interesting to talk to.”

I would just look at them and say “just be yourself.”

One of my favorite things to say was this…

If you pretend, it surely will end.

The idea being… that making pretenses and trying to be someone that you are not, just never works.

True, it might help get the relationship off the ground in the beginning.

But eventually the person that you’re trying to impress is going to start seeing the real you.

It’s just a matter of time before that relationship will be doomed.

So never try to be someone you’re not.

Not in love, not in blogging and not in business.

Your friends, lovers and audience will see through you soon enough.

It’s just a matter of time before they learn that you were just putting on pretenses, and then they will be disappointed.

How To Be A Genuine Blogger

Another thing I would tell people is to be genuine in caring about the person you’re building a relationship with.

Don’t fake it.

Mean it.

And let them know that you care.

How many times have I heard people say things like…

“I really liked this guy (or girl), but it never worked out.”

When I asked why, the answer would be something like this…

“He didn’t really think that I was serious about the relationship.”

“But you really liked him didn’t you?”

“Yes, of course I did.”

“So what did you do to let him/her know that?”

“Nothing much, I guess.  I figured it was obvious.”

Well, news flash… people are not mind-readers.

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When you are genuine… when you really do care about people… you have to make that clear to them.

In other words, you have to actually tell them that you care.

As it is in love, it is in business.

Bloggers and entrepreneurs have to do the same thing.

Always make it clear that you care about people.

Their first tip off that you really care is when they see that you are a genuine person, not just a “marketer.”

But then you have to take it further.

You do this by sharing excellent content.

And by being responsive and available to them all the time.

When they ask you a question, answer it.

Reply to them when they leave you a comment.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it does take a lot of sincerity.

And it requires being genuine in all your interactions.

Tell ‘Em That You Care… Just For Them

There are so many ways to show people that you care about them.

When they see your genuine feelings for them, they’re much more likely to care about you, too.

Again, it’s like dating.

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Anytime somebody says “oh, such and such a guy/gal really thinks that you’re hot”…

…then, all the sudden you turn around and think “wow, maybe I should talk to him/her.”

You see, they got your attention by tipping their hat to the fact that they really care about you.

So you gave them a second look.

A second (or even first) look that you probably would never have given them otherwise.

So bloggers, be genuine about caring for your readers.

And let them know you care.

Tell them you do every time you get a chance.

Do it with your actions.

But also, do it with your words.

Tell them

  • in your emails,
  • in comments,
  • during Skype or phone conversations.

Tell them “I appreciate you” in every way you can, and every time you get the chance.

They will love you for it!

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So, what do you think?

Leave me a comment now.

Do you think it’s important that a blogger capture the hearts of his/her audience?

What do you think is the best way to be a genuine blogger who people love?

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