Have You Made A Conscious Decision To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Have You Made A Conscious Decision To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Over the years I’ve consumed a fair amount of beer, wine and spirits.

And I’ve had some fun times doing that, in moderation.

Drinking to excess though has never agreed with me.

I barely drink at all now.

It hasn’t been a conscious decision to stop drinking alcohol.

It’s been one more born out of circumstance.

I miss it sometimes and then when I finally go out I regret the hangover the next day.

No Drinking After Work


It’s very simple: If you do drugs, stop doing drugs. If you drink alcohol, stop drinking alcohol. If you smoke, quit smoking.

Working in an office often brings the promise of a few pints after work, especially on a Friday.

It was something I did regularly and enjoyed very much.

But since I became a stay at home dad, that’s gone by the wayside.

I used to meet a couple of work mates in Edinburgh every now and again.

That fizzled out and I guess it was inevitable.

I lost quite a few drinking acquaintances when I left work.

Although one or two of them I miss, others I’m better off without them in my life.

One of them in particular would be a good reason to stop drinking forever.

What really happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol?

Whatever your reasons are, you’re here, and you’re ready to kick the sauce. Let’s breakdown what happens to your body once you quit drinking alcohol.

Drinking At Home

I’ve never been one for drinking at home.

I wouldn’t go out to the shop and buy cans of beer or a bottle of wine.

The only time would be for a special occasion or if we were having friends over.

stop drinking alcoholIt doesn’t occur to me to crack open a cold one whilst watching TV.

I don’t know why but I’ve never been that way inclined.

Now that I use Myfitnesspal to log everything I eat and drink, it gives me an even greater incentive to stop drinking alcohol.

Beer would use up so many of my available calories, I’d need to go and run 10 miles just to get them back.

I’m Not One For Drinking On My Own

I don’t enjoy solo visits to the pub. I find them quite stressful.

Sitting with a pint staring at the wall doesn’t have a huge appeal for me.

Having said that, I miss a good English pub.

They’re just not the same up here in Scotland. At least not where I live in any case.

I’m not into slot machines either so that’s one less thing to help me look inconspicuous.

Slowly getting drunk on your own is kind of sad anyway, don’t you think?

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Isolation As A Stay At Home Dad

There’s no doubt about it; being a stay at home parent can be isolating.

Without friends and family around you, it would be tempting to turn to drink.

But it’s had the opposite effect on me, particularly since I started running.

As I mentioned before, I don’t enjoy drinking alone it also means I don’t drink alcohol very often.

At one stage I had more than five bottles of whisky stashed in the cupboard.stop drinking alcohol

They’ve gradually been given away as presents because they sat unopened and unloved.

For me, drinking alcohol has always been a camaraderie thing.

And since I only go to the pub once or twice a year now, I’ve barely noticed that I don’t drink alcohol so much.

Have You Decided To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

I still crave a night down the pub every now and again.

But I don’t miss beer or any other alcoholic drink all that much.

How about you? Are you a regular alcohol drinker?

Or have you stopped drinking altogether?

The comments section is open for business!



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