A Running Setback

A Running Setback
A Running Setback

A few months ago I hurt my foot whilst out running.

I was following a route along the coast I had done many times before but this time was different.

I managed to step on a stone and injure the arch of my foot.

Stones Can Be Vicious

I’d never contemplated getting a bruise on the sole of my foot before.

It’s a weird place to find a bruise but that’s what the pesky stone did to me.

I remember a twinge of pain and even though I managed to keep running it hurt.

When it comes to running, stones are my worst nightmare.

Particularly the ones that lie in wait for an unsuspecting foot to stand on.

It wasn’t even a large stone but it must have been sharp.

Poor Choice Of Footwear

At the time of the injury I was wearing some old tennis shoes I had bought a few years ago to play badminton in.

I didn’t want to spend loads of money on running shoes at the time because I didn’t know if I’d take to running.

Looking back, that was a mistake.

When I bought my first running shoes, I immediately noticed a huge difference in comfort and support around my feet.

The tennis shoes hadn’t given me any protection to standing on the stone.

My desire to get more use out of them rather than buying some running shoes had backfired.

Bruising And Swelling

Last week after I’d been out for a run, I noticed the same pain in the arch of my foot.

It felt like I’d stepped on a nail or something equally as sharp yet blunt at the same time.

The sole of my foot was swollen and there was some bruising.

My wife thought there might be a blister under the skin too.

I hadn’t stepped on another stone that I can remember.

Although I had been running the same route when it happened the first time around.

I must have aggravated the earlier injury.

Time Out

I did Google my condition to see if it might not be the self-inflicted stone incident that was the cause.

It’s never wise to self diagnose but I was curious.

I’m wondering if I might have Plantar Fasciitis.

I don’t have a pain in my heel but it can also start in the sole of the foot.

I’m over 40 and run 5 miles or more four times a week so I fit the bill.

I’ve taken some time out from running for a couple of days to see if that helps.

It eases off during the day and I’ve been taking ibuprofen to relieve any swelling.

But it’s quite painful first thing in the morning to stand on my right foot.

It Was All Going So Well

I can only hope it’s a temporary set back as I’ve come to rely on running.

It’s become a hobby, helps keep me motivated and can turn around my mood in minutes.

I use it as an escape; a way to clear my head and think about life.

It’s almost like meditation but with exercise.

I’m due to go running tomorrow morning.

I’m looking forward to it.

So my foot better behave itself!

What Setbacks Have You Had Recently?

Whether it be fitness related or otherwise, what setbacks have you had recently?

Did you overcome them and if so how?

Please let me know in the comments section below.



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